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62th China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Expo

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From September 4th to 6th, the 62th China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Expo is about to take place at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. As a mega-scale event of the year, this expo gathers over 3000 domestic and international brands and origin enterprises, covering various sectors of the beauty supply chain: daily skincare and beauty products, new e-commerce channels, beauty salons, medical health, wellness and body care, nail and eyelash art, and the entire industry chain. Numerous brands from upstream to downstream will be present, showcasing tens of thousands of new products.

Since last year, the beauty industry has been caught up in the “collagen protein restructuring” trend. The recent successful listing of Kinbo Biotech undoubtedly intensified this trend’s evolution in the latter half of the year. In a more competitive environment, how to differentiate through new technologies and products has become the new focal point for supply chain companies.

At this year’s Beauty Expo, over 500+ manufacturers in categories such as contract manufacturing, customized raw materials, packaging and material design, and machinery and equipment will all be on display. Examples include contract manufacturing companies like “Cosmax, Nox Bellcom, Uniskin, Baiximei, Oilyoung, H2O, Magic, Handsome, Israel’s Endymed, Mone Doctors, Contain, Wanying, Ancors, 3ins, sw-beauty, Polycan, Penmade, Base clean, Baiwen, Shangmei, Saimei, Beihao, Gowdy, Shangzhi, Zaogu, Meizhong Bio, Tengyu, Xibei, Zhongle, Ekong, Kangrong, Tianxi, YRM Bio, HomeAegis, Baiyun Meiwan Industrial Cluster,” and packaging companies like “EPL, Xinjing, Suncospack, Jingyi Packaging, Wansheng, Wuxing, Hongye, Huifeng, Shanhuaglass,” as well as machinery companies such as “Yongchuang, Helitai, Xidong, Dachuan, Xiqi, Tairui.”

Many of these companies will present their new products and technologies on-site. Raw material supplier Israel’s Endymed will showcase their new product “Situoxin Yeast Collagen Protein”; contract manufacturing company H2O will bring their liposome encapsulation technology, focusing on delivering fresh active ingredients; packaging supplier Longying will unveil packaging automation and assembly line equipment. Industry insiders predict that trends like membrane fabric, functional skincare products, freeze-dried skincare products, and disposable essence packs might see significant growth in the latter half of the year. This September’s Beauty Expo might shed light on these developments.

For those looking to immerse themselves in the fierce competition of the supply chain giants, don’t miss the chance to attend the Beauty Expo this September.